Thursday, March 19, 2015

Why you (as an HTML developer) should start to think of the DOM as a travelling salesman problem

I stumbled upon the following jQuery code by another team member (not a Pzl guys as we know better). I challenged him to figure out what was “wrong” with it and he did sort of clue himself in so I’m not outing him here :)

function showMoreButton(className) {
   var alteringDiv = $(className);
   if (!$.isEmptyObject(alteringDiv)) {
       //DOM changes to Search Navigation
       alteringDiv.prepend('<h2 class="ms-displayInline moreButton"></h2>');
       $('.moreButton>a').attr('id', 'moreSearchCategories').addClass('collapsed');

Thursday, March 12, 2015

How to: (Unexpectedly) Block the usage of the list/library search box in SharePoint


SharePoint has a nifty search box above a list or library which can be used to quickly filter items for that library. So how do you make sure it doesn’t work?

Monday, March 9, 2015

“Meet the bttn–the simplest internet user interface in the world”

[Update 2015-03-11 with comments from]
..and I will do a re-test with a newer version of the hardware in the near future. So, when reading the original post, keep in mind that the bttn I had might not have been what you see today.
[Update end]

….and at €69.00, perhaps one of the worst deals you can make(?). Luckily for me I borrowed it from a colleague, so his loss.


Basically what you have is a plastic fantastic big red button which hooks up to a WiFi network. When you hit the button it sends a signal over to where you can configure the click to call some other service. For example a REST end-point.

The button is powered by 4xAA batteries and can easily be moved around.

Theoretically, this sounds pretty good. In practice not so much. Why? Read on!

Friday, March 6, 2015

A better way to implement RSS feeds in SharePoint 2013/Online

I’m doing an assessment for migrating a 2010 solution to 2013, and one of the custom solutions installed was an RSS reader web part. We all know the RSS web part which came with 2010 is a bit limited, and it’s still there in 2013. So if you don’t have any requirements to do authentication on the RSS and you’re in love with XSLT, the web part is there for you my friend!

Another options is to use the Content Search Web Part. Yes CSWP indeed! SharePoint 2013/Online supports the creation of Result Sources using the OpenSearch 1.0/1.1 protocol. And the beauty of this protocol is that the response is in Atom or RSS format.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Office 2016 for Mac Preview available!

If you’re using OSX and Office, you might not be the happiest person in the world as you’re still using the 2011 version. It works, sure, but not as well as Office 2013 for Windows. Even the iPad works better for the Office suite.

Last year a new version of Outlook was launched for OSX which was a great improvement over the 2011 version, and now the rest of the suite will follow – at least in preview. This will make it heaps easier to work against OneDrive, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint as well as an updated client program feel.

Want to jump on the preview? Header over to and grab the 2.5GB download. Also read the official post at

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I am the 2015 World Champion of SharePoint!–and Arctic SharePoint Challenge in review


The Arctic SharePoint Challenge was held for the 5th year in a row in Oslo Norway on February 26th-28th. It’s a three day hackathon where teams battle to win the reindeer antlers trophy, together with fame and glory. This was my forth time attending the event, where I’ve been a participant three times, a judge one, and this year also part of the organizing committee.

If you want to know more about the event and how teams are scored, head over to the ASPC web site.

As with previous years we had four judges, where we invited a couple of new guys this year – all the way from the U.S.

Marc D Anderson and Chris Givens did an awesome job together with Harald Fianbakken and Christian Nesmark, and they made sure getting badges and points was no easy task.


My team the Puzzlepart Appsters ended up in 4th place this year, an all time low :-(, with the Infozurgs team taking home the trophy. But we’ll be back next year I’m sure!

That said, it was an awesome event and I want to mention the Swedish team from Altran in particular who really brought their game with costumes and awesome team spirit. Make sure to check out their Yoga Word App video.


SharePoint World Champion


For the third time a quiz was hosted in the evening where contestants was divided into random teams where they had to pick the right answer on a whopping 31 questions. It was a difficult quiz indeed and the team I was part of scored the most with 18 correct answers.

In Microsoft terms that is NOT a passing score, but the judges let it slide *phew*. The members of the top two teams where then set to battle each other in A/B questions – standing on the correct side of a white line which had been taped to the floor.

That proved quite interesting as people where thinking I knew it all and followed the side I chose. When we were three people left, that proved a smart thing for me, as we all got it wrong and I was still in the competition. I then switched tactics and stood with one foot on each side of the line and barely lifted one foot when the time ran out – and in the end I was crowned the SharePoint World Champion of 2015 – following my colleague Kim Damsleth who won in 2012. Want to beat me? Join next years ASPC 8-)

What we created

The Appsters team did a lot of new fun stuff we hadn’t before. Personally I created a 7zip file preview handler for Office 365 based on the newly released preview API, a fun solution using a big red button from as an input device for Word (I’ll do a separate post on that *beep* hardware later - The solution was fun to create as this was my very first attempt at using WebAPI, SignalR and creating a Word App), and I also tested out some Office Graph queries – being the only team to get the Delve 2 badge.

All in all I have to say I’m very pleased with the event as one of the organizers this year. As a contestant I’m also happy, although I realize Puzzlepart have to put in more than 30 minutes of preparations next year if we want to be in the top 3 teams – and also party less the first night of the event. I’m blaming Chris and Lidiya for that :), but boy did we have a good time!

All things considered I think Puzzlepart Appsters did a good job ending up in tied 3rd place before the final four 500 point awards was handed out. (I’m convincing myself 4th is not that bad ;-)

Thanks to everyone who participated and the sponsors who made it possible!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My presentation at SharePoint Saturday Stockholm 2015

SPSSthlm was a truly great event and I had a blast doing it. Thanks to Matthias Eining and Erwan van Hunen who organized the event for the 2nd time. There was also a panel debate at the end which proved to be quite fun… at least to the ones up on the stage :)

You can find my presentation at SlideShare.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Managed property mapping retrieval in a Display Template explained

If you read this you have most likely created a custom display template one time or another, and also used a custom managed property in that template.

Understanding the relationship with managed properties and display templates is quite useful when you construct your own template logic. At the end I will also cover the relationship between a display template and the search engine.

Lesson learned: After reading this post you should have learned that when in doubt, use $getItemValue(ctx, "Variable Name") and not ctx.CurrentItem.ManagedPropertyName.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Entity extraction in SharePoint based on the path managed property..

……is not possible, so a work-around is needed in order to accomplish this.
As background information I’m indexing a file server with a structure like below:
Below each of these end points there can be any number of sub folders like \\server\share\HR\john\sickleaves\test.docx. The clue is that I want a refiner for HR/F/MKT which should read:
  • Human Resource
  • Finance
  • Marketing

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SharePoint Online Public Facing winners announced: GoDaddy and–with more to come

In December 2014 Microsoft announced the demise of their public facing web feature in Office 365 – a surprise for some, not so much from others. But that’s now history.

Screen shot of new subscriptions without the SharePoint Online Public Website feature

Microsoft has now announced the partners whom you can contact to get your public facing site up and running. GoDaddy and! Hoorah!

And to be clear. This is a partnership and no real integration. There will be links within your SPO portal to direct you over to the external partners pages for setting up a new public facing portal. Which means you have to author and build your public facing site on these other platforms. Any integration with Office 365 has to come on your part for now, unless they roll out more features later. I would love to do cross site publishing, authoring in Office 365 and consuming that via search over to the publishing portal.

Time will tell if this idea is fiction or reality……

So  as of March 9th 2015 new Office 365 customers have to head over to the new partners, while existing can continue to use their public facing SPO site for at least two more years.

Check out the support page at Information about changes to the SharePoint Online Public Website and the SharePoint Online Public Website Feature Partner FAQ for more information.